Delicious and natural

For 20 years, the AVI-TOP story has been told through every one of our products. It is a story about transparency and quality, respect and responsibility, a story that leaves no room for compromise.

Every step of our way has been about the choices we have always made thinking about the safety of those who trust us.

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Naturally fed chicken

At AVI-TOP, the care for the food you eat starts with taking care of the food our chickens eat. So their meals consist of 100% vegetables, consisting exclusively of fodder and cereals processed in our own cereal and forage processing plant.

Carefully selected

Only the best will do for you. We carefully pick every piece of chicken meat, prepare it and pack it with your safety in mind, so that it will be just perfect when you decide to have some chicken for dinner.

AVI-TOP products

The secret of our five stars

Our five-star chicken, whole or in portions is the guarantee of a safe and successful meal for the entire family.

  Safe for both children and adults
  Perfect for soups or roasts
  In the pan or on the grill, you choose!

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