For 20 years, the AVI-TOP story has been told through every one of our products. It is a story about transparency and quality, respect and responsibility, a story that leaves no room for compromise.

Every step of our way has been about the choices we have always made thinking about the safety of those who trust us.

We are one of the main chicken meat producers in Romania and, for the last two decades, for the families in the region of Moldova and beyond, the name AVI TOP has become a guarantee for quality and safety. Our integrated production system requires care, responsibility, and attention to detail all throughout the production process.

The very name of our company reveals our ambition to become one of the main suppliers of chicken products for Romanian consumers. But you cannot get to the top overnight, or by making compromises with your own product. This is why, as proven by our history, we believe in durable, organic growth, based on honesty, quality, and care for the customer. Above all, passion guides us in everything we do.

Our mission is accomplished when our quality products satisfy our customers and their families. This is what guides us and makes us want to always be better at what we do.

Because at the top there’s only room for the best